Covid-19 Update

DON'T BE FOOLED! Contrary to what some folks in leadership, and "statistics" are saying, exploitation, abuse and recidivism have INCREASED due to the Covid-19 lock-down. There is less visibility and accountability, and critical resources are less available for vulnerable populations. WE NEED YOUR HELP!
Please consider giving as you are able, whether it is food, clothing, housing, and/or finances. Anything helps.
THANK YOU for being a part of the solution!
Together, we can make a difference...

Clearing The Path

Florida Statute allows a victim of human trafficking to petition for the expungement of their criminal record(s).  ANEW Life International works with a team of trusted attorneys who assist survivors with that process.  We also help ensure that once expunged, the record(s) can no longer be found.  Our team utilizes and employs extensive measures to help those coming out of "the life" to feel safe and valued as they begin and continue through their recovery process.

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CRAs and Consumers

What's on your criminal record?  Looking for a job or a new home?
Do you need to correct something or obtain a judicial clearance?
We can help!
We come alongside YOU, the Consumer, (as well as CRAs to help their applicants) check, correct, clear, and/or monitor your criminal record history.

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We Need Your Help

The United States is 3rd in the world for human-trafficking. Yes, it's right here at home. With your help, we can help reduce vulnerability, demand and recidivism. Together, we can help keep our children safe from exploitation, and give survivors a second chance at freedom.
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Thank you in advance!

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Florida is 3rd in the U.S. for Trafficking

Human trafficking, a form of modern slavery, involves the use of force, fraud or coercion, unless the victim is a minor.  Any minor used in a commercial sex act (the exchange of any time of value for a sex act) is a victim of trafficking.

Human trafficking is classified in three categories:
sex-trafficking, labor trafficking and organ trafficking.

Today global slavery is a multi-billion-dollar criminal industry that denies freedom to 20.9 million people around the world.
No matter where you live, including here in Brevard, it's happening.  In your schools, in your neighborhoods, in your communities...human trafficking is hidden in plain sight.

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They Need You...

The time for action is NOW.  Survivors need a clean slate to start again.
They are victims, and their convictions were not deserved.

Every child that uses social media, a mobile app or an online video game is potentially being targeted and monitored for vulnerability.  Children in the social services system, runaways and the homeless are being targeted.  AWARENESS is the first step. Talk to your kids;
know what they're doing on their phones and the internet, and let them know they are deeply loved and valued.

YOU CAN HELP save a life, and truly make a way for a survivor's fresh start. Please give as you can through prayer, volunteering and/or financial support.  For less than $1.00 a day,
we can make a difference together.  Whether it's a one-time gift or monthly support, please consider donating today*. Any amount helps.  THANK YOU in advance!

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ANEW Life International, Inc
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*ANEW is a registered 501(c)(3) organization;
a tax deductible receipt will be provided upon request

ANEW Life International, Inc
ANEW Life International, Inc2 weeks ago
From my friend Jan at Paving the Way (thank you for all you do, Jan!)

"We are at true epidemic levels of online exploitation - NCMEC has reported 20 million online cybertips of child exploitation this year. That's a 1000% increase from last year!

I'll let that settle in....20 million online explicit pictures of our children.

This can be #disrupted

Paving the Way Invites you to our next Parent Tech Talk - Focus on addiction where will talk about addiction of SM and screen time and how it impacts our brains.

Join us Oct 24th 9am-11am as we hear from addiction specialist Christy Jordan MA CAP LMHCI as she shares tools for us to decrease screen time without causing WWIII in our households."

You can register here:
ANEW Life International, Inc
ANEW Life International, Inc3 weeks ago
Pray for convictions!!!
ANEW Life International, Inc
ANEW Life International, Inc3 weeks ago
Motivated seller!
ANEW Life International, Inc
ANEW Life International, Inc is in Melbourne, Florida.3 weeks ago
Car shopping?

2006 Hyundai Accent
ONLY 38,450 miles!

A/C works great
Brand new battery with 6 year warrantee
One owner & NO accidents!
$4200 OBO

*A portion of this sale will be donated to @anew777 and help support survivors of human trafficking
ANEW Life International, Inc
ANEW Life International, Inc3 weeks ago

The W.H.O. has actually issued INTERNATIONAL curriculum that advocates for (interactive experience and role play) sex education to begin for children under four (4) years old, leaving parents largely out of the conversation.

My opinion:
Their agenda is to normalize sexual identification and inappropriate "discovery", and desensitize and condition our children to inappropriate behavior, before their brains and emotional capacity are developed enough to process this information.

I've read the report personally, and this has to be stopped.
ANEW Life International, Inc
ANEW Life International, Inc3 weeks ago
As long as you have breath, each new day brings an opportunity to make a different choice.