Mission Statement

To provide hope, healing and a safe path forward for those affected by human trafficking in Brevard County, Florida and beyond. With integrity, compassion and a relentless commitment to each individual's success, we educate, inspire, and empower local and global communities to positively affect change.

Our Vision

Eliminate vulnerability and provide a safe and sustainable path for recovery to human trafficking survivors.  We will do this by clearing post-expungement criminal record history, providing community education and awareness, and establishing a global network of safe houses, drop-in centers and trauma-informed care for our clients.

Criminal Record Expungement
A Fresh Start
breaking the chains

Our Approach

Our Story

Kym's Story

I was introduced to the idea of human trafficking about 15 years ago but didn't really think it was a "thing".  I had worked years earlier with domestic violence victims, but thought "trafficking" was more of a 3rd world issue.  I had no idea how wrong I was or the intersection that existed.

We all have a story, right? I wasn't trafficked, but I experienced abuse as a kid growing up and then again in college.  Over the years, I've worked with the homeless, youth and women's groups and served as a music missionary to Mexico, Russia and throughout the United States. My passion has been to help folks (especially women and the younger generations) establish boundaries and not only discover, but embrace their true beauty, identity, value, and the purpose God intended for each one of them.

After hearing a presentation on human trafficking at my son's church in California, I decided to volunteer with a Superbowl anti-trafficking task force.  For the next five years, it became my annual outreach, but nothing more. Then the switch flipped.  During the Superbowl hosted by Atlanta, I realized just how great the need was for survivors to have their "past" (especially criminal histories) cleared in order to truly get a fresh start in life. It all made sense.

In one huge brain explosion, 20+ years of background screening experience meets consumer advocacy meets survivors...and VOILA!

ANEW Life International, Inc was conceived.

As we dove headfirst into training and networking with other established organizations, we quickly realized the desperate need for more safe houses and wrap-around services. We look forward to implementing a more comprehensive and robust offering to victims and survivors in a later phase of ANEW's vision.

Helping survivors discover their true value, God-given purpose and learn what "healthy" love looks and feels like, has become my passion, my battle cry and my life-work. Assisting with clearing criminal record history, raising awareness and reducing vulnerability and recidivism are the roads in to that goal. All that I experienced in my past, and trained for in my career, led me to finding my "thing".  And here we are, two years later...and I'm not going anywhere.

It's amazing when I look back and see how everything I've experienced and done in my past has prepared, equipped and led me to this...being a voice.  A voice for those coming out of "the life" of human trafficking, a true testament of "All things work together for good..." (Romans 8:28) and "I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord..." (Jer 29:11)

So now what?
This is where you come in.  And GREAT NEWS!  You can help without spending a penny. (Of course, if you're able to donate, we definitely need it!) So, back to the helping for FREE part...
How, you ask?

You can help reduce vulnerability by simply spending time, talking with, praying for, unconditionally valuing, and loving on your kids, grand-kids and the people (especially children) in your life. DON'T give out personal information to online "friends" you (or they've) never met, know who their friends are, sit down and play their games or use their apps with them, check out the companies (and people) you're trusting your kids to, and call your local human trafficking hotline if you suspect something or if you or someone you know needs help.

Your taking action is CRITICAL - right now.

How else can you help?
"Just say no", trust your gut and don't turn a blind eye. Don't assume those in "the oldest" profession are there by choice. Most of them aren't. Report child pornography or anything suspicious to the authorities.

To report suspected human trafficking in Florida, call 800-96-ABUSE (children) or 911 and then 800-THE-LOST if your child is missing.

Do YOU need help? Are you safe?
If it's an emergency, PLEASE CALL 911!
You can also visit our "Resource Page" for an ever growing list of local hotlines or call us directly and we will connect you to folks who can help. 84-HOPE-ANEW

Everyone has a "thing" or passion...
homelessness, domestic violence, the elderly, the unborn, missions, animals, our earth, etc. If fighting human trafficking is your thing, or maybe you had no idea about it and it's tugging at your heart to know more, please reach out! There are so many ways to get involved.

Remember:  The U.S.A. is 3rd in the world, and Florida is #3 in the nation for human trafficking (please note that this is a very under-reported crime, so I truly believe both the U.S. and Florida rank higher).
Trafficking is a multi-billion dollar industry, second only to illegal drug sales.

It's time to take action.
Will you join me?

Thank you for your time and prayerful consideration of being a part of the solution.
Together, we can make a difference...

Much love! 💕
Kym Kurey, Founder

teen girl on phone

They Need You...

The time for action is NOW.  Survivors in Brevard County and beyond need a clean slate to start again. They were victims of a horrific crime, and their convictions were not deserved.

Every child that uses social media, a mobile app or an online video game is potentially being targeted and monitored for vulnerability.  Children in the social services system, runaways and the homeless are being targeted.  AWARENESS is the first step. Talk to your kids; know what they're doing on their phones and the internet, and let them know they are deeply loved, heard, seen, and valued.

YOU CAN HELP save a life and truly make a way for a survivor's fresh start. Please give as you can through prayer, volunteering, in-kind donations, and/or financial support.  For less than $2.00 a day ($50/mo), we can start the process and make a difference together.  Whether it's a one-time gift or a recurring monthly donation, please consider supporting this work today. We need you!

THANK YOU in advance!