Background Checks

Applying for a new job?  Looking for a new home?

With so many folks being out of work due to Covid-19, life has certainly been turned upside down.
What a shift (!), but also what an incredible opportunity to begin a new adventure!

We understand the job & home hunting process can be exhausting - and a little daunting. We can help!

ANEW offers individual (non-FCRA) background checks directly to YOU the consumer, so you know
before your prospective employer or landlord does what's on your record.

Whether you want to check your own record or look up somebody else's, we're here!

We currently have four (4) options to choose from. Just click one of the links below and you're on your way!

Need a little bit more information or help navigating next steps?
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SAFETY 1st PACKAGE - $9.95
Requested Name ONLY
Nationwide Criminal Database
Nationwide Sex Offender
FACIS Level 1 (OIG, SAM, etc)
Terrorist Watch List
International Debarment & Sanction List

Safety 1st Package+
Nationwide Federal Criminal Records


SSN Trace
Search ALL Alias Names from SSN

Nationwide Criminal Database
Nationwide Sex Offender
FACIS Level 1 (OIG, SAM, etc)
Terrorist Watch List
International Debarment & Sanction List


National Alias Package+
Nationwide Federal Criminal Records

Expungement Services

Florida Statute 943.0583 allows victims of human trafficking to expunge the criminal records of most criminal acts committed while a victim of human trafficking.

ANEW refers our clients to (and is referred by) vetted and dedicated attorneys that will work directly (and confidentially) with survivors of human trafficking to expunge their criminal records. Our team then works tirelessly to help ensure those records are removed and no longer found on the internet.

Thirty-one states currently have some sort of provision that helps seal, expunge, or vacate arrest and/or conviction records for prostitution or related crimes.

Although we primarily work with survivors in Florida, we have several clients we serve nationwide as well. If you have an urgent need outside of Florida, by all means please contact us, and we will do all we can to assist you.


Reputation Control & Monitoring

Our team works diligently to ensure that once your records are expunged, they never show up again.  Included in this service is a monitoring system for pre-existing and/or subsequent records, social media & internet monitoring and victim notification. Survivor safety, recovery, healing, and peace of mind are of utmost importance and priority for our team at ANEW.

FCRA Dispute / Judicial Clearance Process

Although ANEW is not considered a "CRA" or fall under the governance of the FCRA, we assist applicants who have been the subject of an incorrect Consumer Report to correct and/or clear their criminal record(s). We also provide background checks and monitoring services to anyone who wants to know what, if anything, is on their criminal record.

Are you a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA)? Let us help your applicants who have disputed their record and need to correct it within the court system. Experts in criminal court research and compliance for over 20 years, the staff at ANEW will be your Consumer Advocacy arm.

You Deserve a Fresh Start

You've left the life, but everywhere you turn there's a reminder.
The team at ANEW Life International wants to truly help you
clear your past so that you can confidently move forward into the life you deserve.

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Singing in the rain


"I was young and made bad choices."
30 years later, you still have a criminal record.  Let us help!

Have you been denied a job or place to live because of a mistake on your criminal record? Or maybe "that one time..." (at band camp?) when you "borrowed" your folks mustang to go cruising with your friends? How about that bar fight you got into on your 21st birthday?

We'll take a look at your record, help you petition to fix anything that might be incorrect and walk you through the judicial clearance process. We will also monitor your file periodically to make sure what's in the past stays there.

Next Steps...

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"a new life" and a second chance at freedom.

Your success is our passion
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